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Is earning $5000/month = finding a ring in the ocean?

I can say it’s easy from 9-5 jobs 😂

I know you clicked on the link because the title seems attractive.

Not only the title, but the tips and the ways I am going to share with you also makes you feel motivated, and like those women, you can also earn $5000 a month by doing work in your spare time.

Before diving into deep water, let me write some key points that you should remember and consider before starting the online business.

Requirements To Start The Business

  1. A domain name Namecheap
  2. A good web hosting (recommended – Siteground)
  3. Social media account – Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook
  4. A Premium theme Elegantthemes
  5. An e-mail marketing tool Convertkit

Key Points to Remember

  1. Since 2019 and in 2020, the blogging era has been changed from broad-niche to micro-niche. We have to focus on micro-niche.
  2. Take sufficient time to think of your business name or domain name. Assume it as it will not going to change again in the future. It is possible to change, but you will face many problems, so my recommendation is to choose one for a lifetime.
  3. Take a monthly budget of $29 (If Convertkit is in your list. Check free alternative.)
  4. The method we are going to use to drive traffic to your website is through Pinterest & Instagram.
women earning 5000

What things you are required?

1. A Domain Name

To register a domain at a very cheap price, you can go with Namecheap. They have reasonable prices on .com, .net, .co and other popular domains.

Try Namechk. This will show if your domain is available or not in all extensions (.com .net .co .org .us and a bunch of others), it will also show the social media account has been taken or not on that particular username. Check the below image as a reference.

While choosing a domain, take a long breath and then decide, you can take 1 week or 2 or even 1 month. It’s because it is not just domain it is going to be your brand name in the future. Good luck ❤.

Checking domain availability in Namechk.

2. Web Hosting

Now, this is something which should be top class and located in your country. Let me list them in bullets so it will be easier to understand.

  • The server located in your country.
  • We need https for that SSL is required, and Siteground provides for free.
  • Prices should be reasonable and customer support should be best.
  • Optimized speed, best performance, and no downtime(99.99%).

Check the prices below. Visit here for 70% off on Siteground.

Just select the Startup plan which costs $3.95/month and once your website scale up, you can switch to a higher plan to GrowBig or GoGeek.

Once you purchase the web hosting, you need to set up WordPress, it is very easy to do or even you can ask the Siteground team and they will take a couple of minutes to install it on your server.

Now, what’s next?

Now is the time to set up social accounts, then we will continue to theme installation.

3. Social Accounts

We are going to drive in an average of 10,000 to 500,000 monthly traffic from just Pinterest and Instagram.

The question arises how?

Yes, you read it right, we are going to drive that much traffic from social media.

Pinterest is not a social media, it is a visual search engine.

I know! I know! many questions are coming in your mind. Stick to the article and you are going to learn new and interesting things.

I cannot cover all the tricks of Pinterest traffic and insights. As Pinterest is not a small topic I can write 10 articles on just Pinterest telling how to make your blog successful using Pinterest.

In upcoming dates, I will write a few separate articles on Pinterest traffic and I will launch a free course too. Do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest?

  • Create a Pinterest Business Account (personal will not work)
  • Create at least 20 boards (Only related to your niche)
  • Publish 10-20 pins every day (no matter it’s Christmas or Halloween 😢, Just kidding, you can rest 😋)
  • Each pin must contain 40+ words description and max 3 words of the title.
  • As I told Pinterest is a visual search engine, so you have to target for 1 or 2 words keywords.
  • Follow 30 accounts of Pinterest in your niche every day.
  • Do this for 3 months and be consistent, you will get results that will blow your mind.

Using these tips for 3 months can take your blog from 0 traffic to 10,000 or 50,000 or even 500,000.

For Instagram, you just need to publish 3 posts every day, that will be sufficient.

4. A Premium Theme

Coming to the theme,

Why am I recommending the Divi theme?

Divi theme has a fantastic strive community and joined 601,772 users till Nov 2019.

I personally use Divi theme for more than 80% of projects and you can check this site Duogeeks for a referral.

Divi theme is not just a common theme; Divi is having a Divi builder & Divi theme builder in which you can edit the header, footer, 404, archive, sidebar and much more. I am not going to describe all the features. Otherwise, it will be 24-hours reading here 😁. You can read in detail here Elegantthemes. The cost of the Eleganthemes subscription is $89/year or $249/one time payment.

What plugins you will get with Divi theme which is recommended?

  • Bloom – Email Optin plugin.
  • Monarch – Social media plugin.
  • Bunch of free plugins in WordPress directory which you can use if you get Divi theme. Get it now @ 10% OFF.

5. An Email Provider

The best and which I personally use and recommend to others is Convertkit.

Support is amazing and the service is just top-notch. The cost of Convertkit is $29/month for the startup plan.

There is an amazing alternative of Converkit which is free, Mailchimp. 😊

If you are on a budget then you can go for Mailchimp, else go for Convertkit.

After setting all these steps, now I am going to tell you insights into blogging.

You are still here, I am pretty sure you are enjoying reading 🤗, do subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome content, giveaways and freebies straight to your inbox.

What is Broad Niche & Mirco Niche And Which One Should You Go For?

First – Broad Niche, Broad niche is the one that doesn’t have any particular topic. For example, the blogging website, which writes a post on food, travel, recipes, technical, trading, etc, are called Broad Niche.

In short, there is no particular category of publishing articles.

Second – Micro Niche, This is something based on a particular topic, suppose if you are good in making food, then you should go for recipes blog, but you have to stick on recipes. You can post different types of recipes like Mexican, Italian, Indian, but in your niche. This is Mirco Niche.

Which You Should Go For?

Broad Niche

  • You can write an article on any category you like
  • Very high competition
  • Hard to get ranking and traffic
  • Easy to find topics to write an article

Micro Niche

  • You have to stick on just 1 category
  • Medium Competition
  • Few months of work can get a lot of traffic
  • There will be one time you will face problem in finding topics

Based on the above differentiation, you can choose which one is perfect for you. My recommendation is to go with Mirco Niche.

What To do Next When Your Site Started Getting Attention?

Once you started getting page views and appreciation in the comment.

Now is the time to launch a course or shop or start amazon affiliate to make over $5000/month.

Have you heard, Life Is All About Numbers.

Making $5000 in a month is nothing in 2020. Thousands of bloggers are making $100,000 a month. Sounds Impossible 😂😂?

I have proof to show you, here you go.

What methods you can use to earn money?

  • Advertisement – Google Adsense
  • Amazon Affiliate Partner
  • Sell courses
  • Open a shop on your website
  • Sponsered Ads
  • Digital Teaching
  • Dropshipping store

These ways are very helpful to earn passive income.

The Happy Ending…

This is not just the end.

This is the beginning. It’s your beginning, make it large. If you wait for that 1 day, you will get nothing.

There is no 1 day. What exists, is today.

Take a deep breath, at least 10 times, no! no! not yoga 😂😂.

Read! Think! Discover!

If you want more tips on blogging and learn how to earn money in no time. Subscribe to our newsletter and enjoy the adventurous journey with us.

If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comment section or you can mail me at heearnsmoney[at] I will reply!😊😊

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