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Is getting your Fiverr gig on the first page difficult?

How many days gig will take to get on the first page so you can start getting orders?

Wow! Wow! So many questions, right? Don’t worry. I am here, in this article, I am going to share 5 tips that will give an SEO boost and your gig will hang on 1st-page of Fiverr. Sounds Good?

When I started, back in 2017, after working a few days I almost made my mind to quit my Fiverr journey because of some bad consequences. But wait! Why am I writing this? So the answer is I thought before I quit let’s do some experiments, and guess what? my strategy boomed my Fiverr earning graph.

I am sharing some of the successful tips that you can also apply and get your gig on the 1st page to crack more orders.

5 Fiverr Tips To Bring Your Gig On 1st Page In 10 Days

1. SEO Optimized Gigs

Now, you will ask, what do you mean? “SEO Optimized.”

By SEO Optimized I mean to say you have to choose the keywords from Fiverr search and then make a title using those keywords.

Tip: You can use max two keywords in one title if you go for more might Fiverr search engine gets confused.

Suppose you are a web designer, so you have to search web design on the Fiverr search engine and see what are the results.

Now according to that, make your title because it is essential to make the title what people are searching for, not what you want people to search for, sounds interesting?

Do not copy images from google. I strictly opposed to this. You can use an online tool, Pixlr or Canva, to edit the image for your Gigs. If you have adobe photoshop or illustrator, you can stick with Adobe products.

If you want free images, you can use PixabayPexelsUnsplash. For vector images, the best is Freepik.

If you are using stock images on your website make sure you read my article Don’t Use Stock Images (Pexels, Pixabay, Freepik) To Avoid Adsense Rejection In Your New Blog

Write a long description and make it very clear so buyers can easily understand.

In the tag section, you have to write tag and choose the suggestions from Fiverr. Check the image given below as an example.

Fiverr gig Seo Optimized

2. Make A Copy Of The Fiverr Gig & Change Frequently

You have to make a copy of the gig you have already published, only you have to change the images, try writing a different title, SEO title, tags. This will help a lot I have seen a massive change in gig impression while doing this.

Now once you see a growth of impressions in that particular Fiverr gig, stop editing! Once the impression growth is seen, you will get some buyer requests. Do not behave like a desperate seller, serve the buyer usually.

Maybe for 1st time or 2nd or even first five times buyer will come to inquire you and give the order to someone else. In this situation, do not panic or get frustrated. Just keep doing the work, and one day, you will get your first order.

3. Ask Your Friend To Purchase Your First Gig

Yes, this works; if you have a gig with no rating, someone barely will purchase that gig, but if you have a gig which is having at least one 5 stars, the chances of getting order are 33% increased.

You may think that I have earned nothing from Fiverr and why I will spend $7 on gig purchase, I don’t even know if I will get a single cent from Fiverr. Let me clear this.

Now once you make a purchase on Fiverr for $5 gig, it will ask for a $2 service charge that will be total $7. You spent $7, and in return, you will $4 back. You are in loss of $3, oh come on that’s just a cup of coffee.

Once you do, maybe you are going to earn $2000 or $4000 or possibly $8000+. Do you want to lose $2000 for just $3? 🤦‍♂️ Because if you ask me, I can spend $30 to get $2000. Are you still waiting? Go! Go! Here>> Fiverr.

Read more about freelancing and make it profitable with my tips. Here you go.

4. Publish 7 Fiverr Gigs

For a new seller, Fiverr allows you to publish max 7 gigs, so I will say please use all of them and publish it.

Your first focused gig should be duplicated and make edits every day, as I told above. Then make 5 more gigs in your industry. You can check how others are making their gigs.

Now, if I take an example, suppose you are a WordPress designer so you will make a gig:

  • I will design a WordPress website for you.
  • I will fix bugs on your WordPress website.
  • Install the recommended plugins on your website.

Like this, you can make a total of 7 gigs.

A very important tip for you, make at least 2 gigs that will only have a $5 price. I know you will not earn much money from this, but this will help you to grow on Fiverr.

You will get more 5 stars in your $5 gig, and that can make you promote to level 1 and then level 2. Lower price gigs get more order that means more 5 stars in your profile.

Once you are level two seller, no one can stop you from making $2000-$5000/month according to your industry.

5. Consider Having Lower Price

Once you start a Fiverr account, you might get few orders as Fiverr promote you for like 1 month, but after getting few orders, do not push your prices up. This is a big mistake most freelancers do. You will have to take care of it and do not make your prices up and down very frequently.

For example, when you started selling, the price of your gig was $5, and $30 and $50 leave it as it is for 1 month, or if you get promoted to level 1, then you can change your prices higher if you have 5 orders at a time.

6. Bonus – Ask Other Sellers

You have to write a text and send it to other sellers asking them if they are having orders that they can pass it to you. It would be great.

Please note: Write a text in the right way; don’t look spammy; otherwise, your account will be banned or punished for a few days.

If you have any questions in your mind related to these 5 tips or any other question, do leave us a comment below. Also, follow us on Pinterest for fantastic content.

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