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I got many requests on how to increase the Pinterest traffic?, I am getting impressions but not on my pins what should I do? how to decrease the bounce rate?

Most of the bloggers created their Pinterest account but not getting enough traffic or they don’t know how many pins they have to post in a day or which time zone works best for them.

I am going to share 5 tips on how you can grow the Pinterest traffic, take them to your website and convert into client or customer.

Pinterest Traffic

Prerequisites To Grow Pinterest Traffic

  • A Business Pinterest Account
  • At least 25 boards related to your niche.
  • Make 10 boards of Recipes, Health & Fitness, Travel, Trending Festivals, Make Money Fast (I know maybe these topics are not related to your niche but please make it and save other pins to the board so your Pinterest account can get trust value and not get spammed by Pinterest operators ).
  • Your blog should be claimed on Pinterest.
  • Make sure you apply for Rich Pins.

Top posts of all time

Before I get started, let me share some of the recent results that I got after I applied my 5 tips on my Pinterest account.

Pinterest traffic hacks

If you see the back dates from 25th Dec to 7th Jan, the average impression is very low, around 300-500 per day.

Once I applied my 5 incredible tips strategy, suddenly, I got an increase in impressions. I am now getting around 15k impressions per day. It’s a huge difference, from 500 to 15,000.

And of course, all the impressions are on my pins.

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While writing this post I am exploring Thailand and doing work remotely. I made few friends and two of them are from Russia and one from Finland.

Lovish & Vasili Thailand
My Russian friend Vasili and me at Pattaya Beach, Thailand.

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1. Make Your Boards SEO Ready

Suppose you have a blog in which you write about your traveling experience. Make sure you create at least 25 boards related to the travel niche.

Make sure your board name should be exactly what people search on the Pinterest search engine. If you choose a random keyword for your board it will be very hard to get good results and by good results I mean traffic.

Check the image below to know how you can find good keywords and use them exactly the same.

There is no limitation on creating new boards, you can make as many as you want so don’t be shy while making new boards.

If you use the exact same name to make your board I will say it will increase a 100% chance that in 3-4 months when Pinterest changes the trend your pins can come up in trending and you can take traffic to your website.

Now is the time to choose the category as “travel” and write a description of the board using the same keyword and a few similar keywords.

Pinterest Des

Now your board is SEO optimized and ready to publish.

Let’s Recall What We Have Learned So Far In Tip #1

  1. You have to make at least 25 boards related to your niche.
  2. Search keyword on Pinterest Search Engine.
  3. Create boards according to Pinterest search.
  4. Write SEO perfect description using the keywords.
  5. The category should be according to your niche.

Tip: Pinterest loves you back only when you love Pinterest.

2. High-Quality Pins

If you love graphic designing or love playing with beautiful photos that everyone does😁, then this is something you can do easily.

To make a perfect pin that is ready to go viral you need to focus on 3 things.

  1. Make sure the size should be 600x1100px for your pin. Mostly, bloggers go for 600x900px but I suggest go for 600x1100px to get maximum attention. You can use Canva to make Pinterest pins.
  2. Pinterest is an image search engine so you have to highlight keywords in your image, examples are below.

3. 90% of the time use black overlay and white font as I get most of the impression only on the white color font and black overlay.

Once you achieve these points, I would like to congrats on your pin success.

Do you know: what happens if you use stock images on your new blog?

Read my article Don’t Use Stock Images To Avoid Adsense Rejection In Your New Blog in which I explained how you can avoid rejection from Adsense.

Let’s Recall What We Have Learned So Far In Tip #2

  1. Pin size should be 600x1100px.
  2. Use Canva to design your pins (Canva have both Free & Pro if you are new in blogging and Pinterest you can go with free).
  3. Highlight your keywords in your pin.

Let me Motivate you!

While I was traveling and working remotely, I was also helping other bloggers to grow their blog traffic or helping in improving their blog. Please read what one of my students said about me.

Thanks, Hemanth for such amazing feedback and yes I keep helping other bloggers. Thanks

Ok, let’s get back to our tips…😋

3. Follow Other Accounts on Pinterest And Gain Followers

I know what comes first in your mind…

What benefit will I get from following other people’s accounts?

Why do I need to follow other accounts?

The answer is to gain more and more and more traffic you need at least 1,000 followers on your account. By following other accounts you can increase your followers.

I will suggest you follow 50-100 accounts per day and in return, you can get around 20-50 followers sometimes it can be up to 70 followers per day.

I use Tailwind to schedule my pins and for Pinterest insights. Get Tailwind at $15 OFF only for Thirstywell users.

Look at this, last 7-day chart and start pinning today. If I can do it why not you?

If you follow my strategy, in the first 1,000 followers you will get 20-50 followers per day but you have to follow 50-100 accounts.

Don’t worry, you will not get spammed. I have done this and I never got spam message.

Tip: Make sure you follow in a time interval. Let’s say follow 20 accounts and then after 2 hours follow another 20. If you follow at once you can get spam notice.

Once you reach 10k followers milestone it will be a lot easier to gain the followers but as you are new in Pinterest, you have to work hard and smart too.

It will take 20 mins max to follow 50-100 accounts and in return, you can get traffic to your website and I am 100% sure it well worth your time.

There are some accounts which will ask you to follow them and they will follow you back. It’s totally safe to do, it’s a win-win situation for both account users.

Tip: Don’t use any third-party solution for follow-unfollow accounts.

Let’s Recall What We Have Learned So Far In Tip #3

  1. You need at least 1000 followers to increase traffic instantly and it will take just 1 month to cross the 1k benchmark.
  2. Follow 50-100 Pinterest accounts per day.
  3. Use Tailwind to schedule your pins.
  4. Best time zone to schedule your pins -5:00 New York (EST).

4. Create Boards On Trending Topics

I know it sounds weird.

Why would I create a board which is not similar to my niche or topic?

You can say it’s weird but if you are here to read my tips then I can say you trust me and to gain traffic you will follow me as I say.

Don’t forget about the insights that I uploaded above.

Okay okay, fine, let me motivate you again.

Pinterest Traffic

Yes, we are growing day by day. You can too. Just follow my tips.

Let me show you some screenshots of my account and as well as other famous blogger accounts and then I will tell you why you should create non-related niche boards and import other pins.

Anastasia Blogger Pinterest Account

She is very kind and polite to their viewers and students. You can check her Pinterest profile here Anastasiablogger.

If you see the board list image, you will find a few boards are different from her niche. I will tell you later in this post “why”.

Do check out her Facebook group.

Next is…

Start A Mom Blog Pinterest Account

Boards Start A Mom Blog Pinterest

If you see she is having boards related to KBN. And most of them are group boards. I do recommend joining group boards but only if they are having more followers then you otherwise there is no point to join them.

Her Pinterest account and, by any chance if you want to look at her Facebook page.

Thirstywell Pinterest Account – It’s me

Boards My Pinterest

I am also having boards that don’t relate to my niche. My Pinterest Profile.

Now is the perfect time to tell you why you should do this to your account.

I am writing this article in the month of Jan and in Feb there is Valentine’s day so couples do search for the ways to impress their partners and much more on Valentine’s topic.

You can find different keywords in the Pinterest search engine related to valentine.

So my point is if you are new to Pinterest consider creating boards on those topics which are trending and save others pins. You just need a start and once you gain a peek in your analytics. Then you will see your blog pins will start getting impressions.

Tip: Don’t create more then 10 boards otherwise your account may be considered spam.

Let’s Recall What We Have Learned So Far In Tip #4

  1. Join group boards those who have followers better than your account.
  2. Create 1-10 boards, choose only those topics that Pinterest shows in trending.
  3. You can use the Pinterest search engine to know about the trending topics.
  4. Save 200 pins per board from other users.

5. Tailwind tribe – Most Effective

I use Tailwind to schedule my pins and not just that I also use the Tailwind tribe to increase my blog traffic.

Let me explain the concept of Tribes.

You can share a maximum of 30 pins in a month in tribes.

There are bloggers like you and me who post their pins and other bloggers reshare it to their account.

Now if I say you uploaded one pin in the tribe and someone reshares your pin, you got 1 reshare but in return, you have to re-share someone else pin too. That’s the rule by every Tribe owner and it’s a win-win situation.

Tailwind Tribe
  1. Name of the tribe and max you can join 5 Tribe per account.
  2. Number of Pins I shared with the Tribe.
  3. A number of re-shares I got on that particular pin.
  4. Tribe overview: shows the data of all the users.
  5. Your result: if you see the “your Results” I got 42k impression just from 17 re-shares and it’s just a month since I started Tailwind Tribe. You can imagine how many impressions you can get from 100 re-shares.

Join now Tailwind and get $15 OFF with my special link.

Using these 5 tips I increased my Pinterest account views in less than a month.

If you have any questions regarding Pinterest traffic or if you want personal assistance please shoot a mail here [email protected] or you can write your comment below so everyone can see and answer your question.

Please do share this article with your friends and colleges. Thanks see you in the next post.

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    • Hi Jason,

      I hope you are doing great. 25 boards should be there, 15 should be related to your niche and 10 should be according to trending topics such as Recipes, Health & Fitness, Travel, Trending Festivals, Make Money Fast.

      Let me know if you any more questions.



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