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I started part-time online work in 2017 when I was 16 years old and in the 10th standard. I have no clue how to earn money from an online freelance marketplace. Also, I have too many things to manage at a time, school, homework, other curricular activities.

How I thought I should start making money

This was summertime when my friends are enjoying summer vacation, a few of them went to another city to explore, a few of them doing parties.

I was alone. Also, I don’t have many friends; instead, I love playing video games and exploring, but to explore, I need the money, and I do not have a single cent.

I also have a school assignment to do, but I was quick in that because I don’t use my creativity. I copy other student’s homework into mine😜. So, I have 2 months to gain the knowledge and start earning money, so next year I can visit another city or, hopefully, another country to explore it.

I have to start earning online, but without investing a single cent as I don’t want to ask my parents to give me money, so I can start working online and earn some money. Because I know my parents will strictly opposed to this. I continued researching freeways but found nothing. 2 months are going to over and my assignments are waiting for me.

So I dropped my Idea of earning for now as again schools are going to open and my teachers are welcoming me.😜

Make Money

How I started earning without any experience and with no money

I have started doing research after a few months and I found one potential and money-making gig on Fiverr that is I will design your website using Divi theme.

Again Divi theme is paid and “I don’t have money”.

I found that there are free ways from which I can start making money.

I found a page builder name Elementor that is free and also has paid plans. It is good to get started for free, and once I become a pro designer, I can switch to the Divi theme, or I can purchase a paid plan of Elementor. Without any experience or investing a single dollar, I started my Fiverr business and created my first gig. I don’t even know what will happen if this work or first, I have to practice on dummy websites. But guess what happened?

I still remember I designed my first website for an Australian person, and the site I made was awful. The name of the website is the Base group, but now it is not working.

Yes, you are right; I failed! But not really😂.

He gave me 5 stars and a good review. You can see the images below.

The Name of Buyer and order number is hidden due to the Fiverr policy. You can see the date of the order is October 2017.

How my Freelance business became successful

After completing my first website order I got a lot of motivation as I am very sad while designing the website because things are not going as I thought. But the review of from the owner was amazed me. I was very happy and I earned $24 out of $30 as Fiverr cuts 20% from every order. I was like I EARNED 24 DOLLARS AT MY OWN.

Then, I decided to create more gigs and work in my free time and earn more money.

In my first month of October, I earned $227.20.

After getting a few orders my account got a strike, Fiverr says it is because I delivered an order multiple times even buyer is demanding revision. I was unaware of it, and suddenly I got a strike, but fortunately, there is no effect on my account. They said if you get another strike in the next 30 days, then you will be demoted to a new seller as currently, I was Level 1.

I found after the strike my account was not doing well so I decided to shut the selling account.

5 Fiverr gig ideas to make over $3000 every month in 2020.

I never gave up…

Back in November 2017, I started another account with the same name because I don’t want to lose my old clients, so I redirected them to my new account.

After successfully setting up the new account I have waited one month to get my first order. From now, I was fast in designing the website, and my skills are improved, check my first design from my new account when I started in November and this is the design Aimauto. I got a tip of $5 in this order 😊.

In January 2018 I make $4749.50 from my new account and that was the first month that I crossed $4000. I was very happy and I was just working 4-6 hours per day.

1 year earning in which 4 months I haven’t worked because of my exams and preparation and 1 month I was sick because of Dengue Fever and 1st month I have waited for my 1st order. You can take it as 6 months of earning.

I thought to make it full time so that I can cross over $10,000/month. But for that, either I have to leave school, or I can learn from distance learning school.

But my bad, my parents are not ready, so I decided to stick with my $4500-$5000 earning per month for the next 2 years and then I can make Fiverr my full time earning.

After designing a couple of websites, I designed my portfolio website Duogeeks to showcase my work. It worked as it boosted my order on an average of 15-20%. Once the client contacts me, the first question they ask is, do you have a portfolio where I can check your previous designs.

So, it is essential to make a website to showcase your portfolio as I did and increased my conversion of about 15-20% per month.

Is Freelancing on Fiverr works in 2020?

If you are going to start your freelance career for just money, please don’t go with Fiverr. You will be going to fail. In 2017 that was a different time there is low competition at that time. In 2020 you need skills, and you have to wait atleast 1 or 2 months to get passive income from Fiverr or other freelancer companies.

Yes, Freelancing in 2020 is a great year to start your career as clients are now choosing freelancers instead of agencies. As, freelancers are flexible with timings + cheapest option available. If you want to know tips on how to bring your gig on the 1st page in just ten days read the article.

What is Your Experience as a Freelancer?

In the comment section below, do let me know about your experience with clients on freelancing platform and how you manage if there is an irritating client. 🤐

Also, feel free to ask any question or if you need any advice on the Fiverr platform, like how it works for beginner and what are things you should know before you start the journey.

I hope you like the post and if you did please share it with your friends and family.

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