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Yes, you heard exceptionally well. Double your blog traffic on Christmas 2020.

I know, few of you may think about how it is possible to do so?

Fasten your seat belt because maybe the journey can be quite shockable.

In this article, I am going to share five quick ways in which you can double your blog traffic and of course, double your income through it.

These tricks are not just for bloggers, whether you are a blogger or an online store or agency; you can boom your site traffic right away. Just the thing is you must have a website.

Double Your Traffic on Christmas 2019 Pin

5 Ways To Double Your Blog Traffic In Christmas 2020

1. Christmas Promotion

If you are a blogger or store owner or having an agency website then this is going to be the best method for you.

For Bloggers

Write an article of 1500 to 2000 words on the keyword Christmas 2020 and make it SEO optimized. If your post contains something that people want and your post-on-page SEO score is above 90, then it will rank on google and boost your website traffic.

For Store Owners & Agencies

You can start a sale on your website that says 50% Off Christmas 2020 sale. And send it to everywhere on social media, or if you have an email list, you can shoot an email to everyone and see the magic of real traffic.

2. Social Media – Mostly Pinterest

As we all know, at Christmas time, all the offices and work stations are closed. And everyone is at home, mostly, they are active on the internet or shop for gifts or buy stuff for home decoration or hangout with friends.

The most common thing is that they will share all these things on social media; it can be Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram.

We are going to focus on Pinterest and Facebook.

If you are a beginner, let me tell you that Pinterest is the source from where you can drive more then 100,000 visitors to your website per month. Check the below image.

Double Your Traffic Pinterest Proof

If you see the graph closely, you will notice there is a huge bounce of impression on 22nd Oct at that time I posted one Halloween Pin and it got viral and I got around 56,000 impressions on that single Pin.

Tricks to get Traffic from Pinterest

  1. Create at least 10-20 pins everyday. You can use Tailwind to schedule the pin for later dates.
  2. Create 15 boards related to your niche only and use 5 of them as group boards and save 1000 pins from Pinterest more ideas tab.
  3. Make 1 or 2 boards of upcoming festivals or occasions and save related pins from Pinterest.
  4. Be consistent for 1 to 2 months and see the result.
  5. Join other group boards but keep in mind it doesn’t have a huge contributor and must have a high number of followers.

3. Email Marketing

Like I wrote above about email, and now I will give you some more information about it, and this can be very beneficial for you. Read how bloggers and website owners are earning in six figures just by using email newsletters.

If you have a subscribers list, it will be great. Design a template for Christmas and bloggers can write something engaging that people love reading on Christmas. Suppose you are a recipe blog owner then you can write an article on five best recipes for Christmas.

4. Instagram Influencers

First of all, what is Instagram Influencer?

Those users who are having a great number of followers mostly above 100k offer paid service to promote your content on their profile.

You can do the same thing, you have to find good followers account on Instagram and they must be in your niche and then make an offer to them or ask them what they will charge you if you promote your content on their account.

You can make a strategy let’s say for five days and implement it. Instagram is very popular, and if it goes to the right audience, you can earn five times what you have paid. Suppose if you spend $100 and in return, you can earn $400-500 and if $1000 maybe $4000-5000.

Instagram influencers can be very helpful for you to double your traffic and of course, double your income too.

5. Free Giveaway Contest

This is an exciting way and a large number of bloggers like this. If you are having multiple numbers of courses in your blog, you can offer one for free, and if your student likes your course, he/she will be back and purchase your course.

In this way, you have done a triple shot marketing.

First, you just boosted your traffic it can be double or triple, and google crawlers always check how your visitor is behaving on your website and how long they are reading your content and page views, a lot of factors.

Second, For later you have to build your email list of students who have purchased the free course you can send them an email and ask for a review and offer them your paid course at the best price.

Third, while you get so many social media visitors, your page authority may get increases. Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) will notice it and increase your ranking in their search engine; it means you will start getting traffic from search engines😊.

Wrapping Up……

I hope you like this article and give some love, please share it with your friends and family.

If you have any question related to blogging or have any doubt in these 5 ways do let me know in the comment section or you can get in touch directly through my mail thirstywell[at]

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That’s all for now!

~Lovish Gulati From Thirsty Well.

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