How A 12 Year Old Boy Started His Online Career

Let's Start From The Very Beginning

When I was 12 years old (2014) in 7th standard, I started my online money making journey. But at that time I don’t know even how to find an essay on dog.πŸ‘‡

Do you think I can search for how to earn money online? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

No way, but still I am confident because my confidence was 100%, like every other student I was use to wake up at 6 am and then go to school, return from school then homework. Every day was f**king same for me.

But this was my life, and I want to live my life on my own choices, and I will never compromise it at no cost.

I never did my homework, I ask for someone to complete it, and I pay to him(mostly boys). I have a nice boy in my neighbor, and his writing was terrific, so most of the time, he does my homework, and in return, I give my wifi password.

I think that was the best deal I can get ever.

Because if I pay him, that will cost me more and WiFi was the only thing which my father was paying, so you can say I am getting my homework done for free, including Mathematics solutions 😍.

He uses my WiFi to play online mobile games which hardly uses 2 GB in a month, and this was 2014.

Red Alert For Me: πŸ›‘ If you are a student like I was, please don’t apply it otherwise, your mom or dad will sue me 🀣 in court.

Now, I was getting enough time to think about how to earn money because I was getting my homework on time.

I started my Youtube channel “Lovish Gulati”, but in thinking, I will teach not to earn money only to help poor people and guess what after working 4-5 months, I was getting a lot of views on my videos.

One day I uploaded a video against Youtube guidelines, and they put on strike on my account. Honestly, I was feeling bad for what I have done because I was not aware of it, and I contacted Youtube a couple of times, but they never replied positively. And I gave up. πŸ˜₯πŸ™

I was frustrated, but happily I earned money from Youtube in which I can purchase a video camera after a few months in Q4 2014. I bought a camera and started making videos for Youtube. After making about 6-7 videos I quit because of no interest in technical videos.

Again I am alone and without any new or creative idea, then I joined cricket club near my home and I gave it 1.5 years but no result. That’s something out of technical field but the reason I left cricket was serious injury to my face with someone else bat. We were running between the wickets and I was looking at the ball and hit by the bat of my partner. It was painful I still remember how my eye was looking.

Mid 2016, back to online business with more energy and passion to do the hard work, In 2016 I was in 10th standard and seriously I was not even giving my 20% to studies I was surfing on internet so I can earn money

I did research and done few online projects but in return I was getting nothing, besides, my family and relatives are making plan to visit GOA, INDIA and I was happy after I listen those words from my brother “we are going to GOA” I was like 😍, can’t express my feelings over here but I was very happy.

Few photos from GOA Trip. 

That was memorable trip with my family and other family members too. I enjoyed a lot and it was fun visiting Goa. If I get chance I will definitely visit again with my family.Β 

After the trip my exams are waiting for me and waving me 😣. But I quickly done some study and gave my exam and I did very well if I still remember I got 84% in half-yearly exam.

My exams are over and winters are ready to arrive in station but the income result was still zero because I am not getting any idea what to do or from where to start.Β 

After giving my high school exams I am having 3 months off from my school because I have to wait for the results. Again I put my 100% effort and got 1 idea of Fiverr, now I have to decide in which category I have to start my freelancing career.Β 

I saw lot of synergy in web design field and I dived into the field without thinking any high’s and low’s or pros and cons. First two months was learning months for me and then I made my first order completed. Below is the screenshot.

Yes, my first order was $30 in which I got $24 as 20% of the order is Fiverr fees. Apart from Fiverr and my online career, I left my school because now I am serious with my online earning and my interest in studies are not even 1%.

After completing few projects on Fiverr I was ranking number 1 on the two keywords “Divi website” and “Divi Theme” this was January 2018 and sales are increasing day by day. When I started my lowest plan was $5 and after few months of experience it was $50.

Maybe It’s hard to believe but this is the only truth and I was very happy because I was making around $1800-$2000 a month at that time.Β 

I created my own web design company when I started Fiverr in Aug, 2017 named Buy Unique Website.

I know it sounds childish.

I designed the website for agency but now I know I have to deal with SEO to get clients so I thought I make my agency website just for portfolio and later I will start SEO on it.

I started getting more conversion when I show my website to clients on Fiverr. Now it’sΒ Duogeeks.

I was having 5 orders at a time which I was not able to handle but I don’t have any guy with me who know’s about WordPress or Divi and I don’t have time to teach him.

5 orders at a time is painful but I am making $2000-$3000 a month at that time and I was happy with the outcome.


If you see my Avg. Selling price it was quite good that means I am getting $71.69 per order and that is not bad at all for me.

After earning from Fiverr I purchased stuff for my room and setup a working space so I can easily work for long hours.

I gave two 2 years to freelancing and build hundreds of websites, almost every niche I covered if that is blogging or graphic agency or restaurant or hotel or travel or any other I can say I had build websites on almost every niche. Even while I am writing this I am still designing websites.

If you are looking to start a blog and need a website, complete guidance on WordPress do read my A profitable blog page. Or if you are looking for a detailed article onΒ how to start a blog in 2020, go and read it right now.Β 

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In November I decided to start a blog so I can teach how you can start your own blog or how you can start freelancing from $0. I launched blog Thirstywell and while I was doing freelancing I learnt about blogging, freelancing, drop shipping, Digital marketing and much more.

Now is the time to teach and help others and I am happy that I am investing my time in helping others. Join Thirstywell Facebook group.

Lovish & Vasili Thailand
I went Thailand and made few friends, Vasili is one of them. He was very sweet and kind. Thanks Vasili for making my Thailand trip so amazing and thrilling.

In January 2020, I went Thailand and I had great experience over there. I was working remotely and had done couple of projects while I was traveling and working.

I can say the best feeling I can get is while I travel and help other to get success in their online money making business.

If you see the image below you will find I was doing the same and I am very happy working like this instead of doing the work from home I prefer work while you travel. It makes more creative, broad thinking, strategies to get success, people who help you solving your problem.

Thailand Work

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