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I have been working on Shopify dropshipping store for a long time as I am a web designer too. Have a look Duogeeks.

I design store for clients, but what I notice is that after completing the designing and uploading the content, once I hand over the store to them, the store will become offline after 30 days.

This is not just 1 case or 2, I have seen this in 27 cases (maybe I missed a few) out of 41 cases in 6 months.

And I genuinely feel bad for them.

Why is this happening?

What is the reason behind this?

Is this due to money?

Is time an issue?

So, I came up here and thought to combine the top reasons why drop shippers shut their store after the free trial or exact after one month.

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How did I decide to write an article on dropshipping store?

A few days back, I was working with a client, and I designed the website on Shopify for him. After creating the whole site and content setup. I charged him around $570 for everything, including theme and images and designing but excepting content.

This is about 10 days order, and I did everything well, and he said well done. The work is excellent, and I am delighted with your service. I was also happy because the client likes my work.

But after 5 or 10 days of completing the order, he decided to cancel the order and want the money back.

I was quite shocked. I asked what happened sir, a few days back you were so happy and suddenly what happened.

He replied: Dropshipping is not for my type of person.

I was like 🤦‍♂️😢. Seriously I had no words to say.

The most significant reason, this is not happening the first time, it happened 3-5 times in my career who want the money back and there are many who just left their store and loses money.

I looked on other websites that I designed, and I saw they are also down, only a few of them are still up and working.

Then, I thought I have to write an article, explaining to people the reasons why most of the stores shut in the 1st month and how you can avoid them.

Dropshipping Store

Reasons Why Dropshippers Left Their Store In 1st Month

1. No strategy! No plan!

The first and widespread reason is Strategy. Most of the client come and ask they want a Shopify store but they don’t know what they are going to sell. They say I will add the items later; for now, I just need a good looking store.

Don’t have any proper plan;

They don’t know which niche they are going to target;

Dropshipping is not that easy, as it looks. If you are having thousands of dollars to pay for advertisements such as Google or any sponsored. But I know most of you want free traffic, might be social media or organic.

The organic result can take months, and social media aren’t that easy until you have direct traffic.

2. Content Writing

Here, what content means?

I am talking about the writing, as you can get stock images and there are free themes on Shopify.

What you have to deal with is policy pages, contact, about, homepage. You will get a product description from aliexpress, so that’s not a big deal.

You can use a spinner tool such as Wordai. But do you think it is safe to generate the free content for your website in which you are going to do long term business?

This is the second most common reason I saw in my clients.

3. Consistency & Confidence

Let’s say you passed the first two reasons. You have strategy, plan, and content for your dropshipping store.

The next thing which comes in is consistency.

What am I want to say?

Now you started promoting your store and asking for friends or family to support your store in their circle or groups and Sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and many social media. It passes 10 days, and you got no result, You will start losing confidence on you and your store, this will break your consistency of either promoting or sharing.

In my experience, you should have to wait for atleast 3-4 months and be consistent with the same efforts as you started in 1st day.

You can divide things as per days suppose Monday is for adding products to your store, Tuesday is for social media promotion, Wednesday is for writing blog posts for what you are selling, Thursday is for sharing the blogs in Pinterest as Pinterest is a visual search engine and it can give you 100,000+ traffic per month. Soon I am going to write an article on how to get 100,000+ monthly traffic from Pinterest for free in a month. To get notified do subscribe to our newsletter. Friday can be for some fixes or other things, and you can rest on Saturday and Sunday. Like this, you can make a proper daily work schedule and follow it strictly for atleast 3 months.

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4. No Dropshipping Mentor

What mentor is?

A mentor is an experienced person who guides you in building a store in the right way and choosing the perfect niche. Mentor will also help in creating a strategy or making an expense list. This is something paid, but I can say this reason will help you a lot in growing your store.

Let’s say a mentor charges you $500 a month, but the knowledge he will be going to provide you is much more precious than the money you are going to spend. You have spent thousands of dollars in your graduation degree, and when it comes to dropshipping business, you can’t say $500 is very costly.

You can make me your personal Mentor. I am a guru of dropshipping.😊

5. Early Give up

I saw that 30% of Shopify owners give up very early. Suppose you start an offline business in which you spent thousands of dollars, will you end up in just one month or two? No, right? Because in dropshipping business there is not much investment, you think, this is just a waste of time and don’t have any future, the people who are earning from a dropshipping store is fake.

If you start the dropshipping business after reading an income report of $100,000 in a month or watching videos on youtube, then I will suggest you are going to waste your time and money. Start this business if you want to do, not just because someone is making thousands of dollars.

My recommendation: Do proper research before starting dropshipping else failure is not far.

Wrapping Up…

So, at last, I will say if you have read the article carefully, you will come to know the reasons and how to avoid them to make a successful dropshipping store.

Dropshipping isn’t that easy, but it is not too hard. It just required time unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on it.

Happy Dropshipping 😊. All The Best👍.

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