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Life Is Not Easy Until You Break The Rules

Earning on Fiverr is very easy. What you have to know is the right way and perfect skills.

After the end of this article, you will have learned:

  • 5 most profitable Fiverr gig ideas for beginners
  • Is Fiverr the right company for you? Or you should switch to Upwork or Freelancers?
  • How much time you have to wait to get the first order?
  • Lastly, Fiverr Gig Tips

There are many courses which offer you how to start earning from Fiverr and make thousands of bucks in a month.

What they teach is just for beginners. They will teach how to make your selling profile, gigs, and a few tips, but are they work in real life?

I am going to tell you 5 Fiverr gig ideas that are not popular in sellers, but there are many buyers looking for specific gigs, and you can make a fantastic profit of over $5000/month.

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Fiverr Gig ideas

5 Most Profitable Fiverr Gig Ideas For Beginners

1. Tiktok Videos Editing

As we all know, Tiktok is trending nowadays, and instead of watching videos on Tiktok you can take benefit from it.

You can create a gig calling “I will edit your video for Tiktok to get maximum Views”. This is something that people search on Fiverr and popular in North America, Asia, Europe so you can get a maximum number of buyers.


Competition Level: Medium

2. Language Translation

If you are good at more then one language, then this is something you are interested in.

If you see the buyer requests section on Fiverr, you will find many translation requests that are requested by buyers. They are looking for specific work, so if you are capable of doing the translation, then you must apply and offer them an excellent quote to steal the order from other sellers.

Tip: Do not try to use google translate or any translation app service to earn money.🤑


  • Laptop or Computer
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Language skill

Competition Level: Easy

3. Business Invoice

In 2019, there is a growth of 69% ( sources says ) of new businesses in the USA, and there is chances of growing more in 2020. So, they are looking for invoicing service, you can offer them, and you can also offer business cards, letterheads, logos and much more.

If you see the Fiverr search result, it is showing 72 services available for “Business Invoice” and those gigs who came on the 1st page having so many orders at a time. There is high potential in this gig.


Competition Level: Medium

4. Youtube And Twitch Graphic Design

There are many sellers for graphic design, but you have to be specific. As we all know, after the launch of PUBG, GTA, Fortnite, COD, the gaming industry is booming, and there are many streamers on Youtube and Twitch in need of thumbnails and banners for their channel or videos.

You can showcase the best design of your work in Fiverr gig, and you can also check the buyer requests section for specific requirements from buyers.


  • Laptop or Computer
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop

Competition Level: High

5. Web Designing

Why am I choosing the web design on my list?

The main reason for choosing the web design on my list is because this is very common and you can learn easily just by watching a few videos on youtube. You may have a look below for my favorite web design coach.

How To Make WordPress Website For Free: Using Free Theme and Free Page Builder

Darrel Wilson – A Professional Web Designer

How To Make A WordPress Website Using Divi Theme & Divi Builder

Darrel Wilson teaching how to design a WordPress website using the Divi theme.

WordPress is a free and open-source platform you can use it for free. You will just need web hosting to get started. Siteground is the best in class. Currently, they are providing 70% off on their services.

There are a few other popular website design platforms to checkout.


  • Laptop or Computer
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Installed

Competition Level: High

Is Fiverr the right company for you?

I will say yes, Fiverr is the right company for you. As most of you are beginners and the Fiverr platform is straightforward to use, and they focus on new sellers, including top-rated sellers.

While if we talk about Upwork and Freelancer, they are quite tricky to work with and understand their environment. Upwork is so hard that there is a 10% chance that you will be accepted to start working there.

How much time you have to wait to get the first order?

There is no such time to wait to start getting orders in Fiverr.

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Tip: Make a second account with a different name, but it should look like an original account and make a purchase of $5 gig to your primary account this will give you 5 stars rating on that particular gig. This will create trust in your gig and as well as on your profile. Once you get 5 stars on your first order Fiverr will start promoting your gig.

Wrapping Up 5 Fiverr Gig Ideas………

If I am going to start the Freelancing career on Fiverr, I will choose the Twitch and Youtube graphic design as it is quite easy to design and there are more then enough buyers in this category.

If you need any help in Ideas for website design or graphic design or business invoice design, you can take ideas from Pinterest.

Never GIVE UP!

If you need any help regarding freelancing career like, how to start, pre-requisite or any question related to freelancing, my doors are open for you.

You can always ask me any question in the comment section, or you can reach me directly through my mail [email protected], and I will reply to you as I know the importance.

That’s all for now!

~Lovish Gulati From Thirsty Well.

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